Retail Shipping

Our retail shipping service is a ground solution for not-so-urgent freights.

It is the ideal option in cases where delivery time is a lesser concern than cost. Despite not being tagged as urgent, we prefer to put in our best resources to ensure every retail-shipped freight gets to its destination in record time.

Retail shipped deliveries are made with our cargo vans, box trucks, and sprinter vans. These vehicles come in handy when delivering parcels to destinations where bigger trucks may not easily get to, especially in local areas. This is a good option for businesses that wish to expand their reach to rural areas.

In retail shipping, an order is transported alongside other orders, meaning the driver may have to stop for pick-ups and deliveries en-route, which requires more time. The service price for each shipment depends on its weight, size, and destination. The farther the destination, and the bigger the weight and size of the shipment, the more you may have to pay.

This service option is also ideal for manufacturing companies that may need to deliver their products to buyers, retail stores that need to meet their customers’ delivery needs, and warehousing businesses that need to move in goods for storage or clear off already stored goods.


Our aim at Advantage Logistics Inc. is to provide efficient freight management. We are keen on the acquisition, storage, and transportation of cargo, monitoring it with premium attention until it reaches its final destination. Our services cover the following.